Lieutenant General John Moellering

USA, Retired, USMA 1959

Retired Chairman of the Board, USAA 2007-2012

Former Commandant of Cadets at West Point 


We have toured all over the world, Francis Paz is the best tour guide we've ever seen. He is completely knowledgeable, energetic and has an engaging personality. Most importantly, he has a deep passion for his craft that produces clarity and an immersion in the history of this dramatic event. We give our highest rating and will recommend him to all our friends.

John & Karla Moellering.

Thomas M. Hatfield, Ph.D.

Director, Military History Institute

The University of Texas at Austin

Some years ago I met Francis Paz when a travel company engaged both of us as guides for the same large group. I quickly came to admire him, professionally and personally. Since then, we have reviewed the Battle of Normandy many times, driving highways and byways, traversing hedgerows, hills, and streams of his native land. He is knowledgeable in detail about the landings and the awesome struggle that followed. Unceasingly courteous, he is dependable, and perfectly fluent in English. In his explanations to visitors, he does not exaggerate to compete with other guides, as often happens, but tells the stories as accurately as they are known. In Francis Paz, you have a man whose roots go deep in the soil of Normandy. He is an authentic product of his region, but his comprehension of the world and the Second World War goes beyond Normandy. I have recommended Francis to many travelers and their subsequent reports to me are invariably A-plus, the very best!


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